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VanEck: 2022 Outlook Q&A

January 27, 2022

Crypto, inflation and energy transition. We believe these will be the top themes of 2022 and present compelling areas of investment opportunity over the next few years, as CEO Jan van Eck discussed in his investment outlook. The transformational potential of each of these themes is immense and may be with us for the foreseeable […]


Schwab: What Do Rising Rates Mean For Stock Investors?

January 26, 2022

Last week, U.S. Treasury bond yields, climbed back to their pre-pandemic levels. In Europe, German 10-year yields climbed to near 0%, touching their highest level since May 2019. What are the implications of rising global yields for stock prices? Increasing yields could help lift stocks and may even signal outperformance of cyclical European stocks and […]


John Hancock: Weekly Market Recap Week Ended January 21st

January 25, 2022

  Mixed results Although Wall Street analysts continued to expect that companies in the S&P 500 will report a nearly 22% increase in earnings compared with the prior year’s fourth quarter, some subpar results on Friday from a handful of key companies didn’t provide much of a positive catalyst for stocks. Earnings season enters its […]


LPL: Busting Two Myths

January 20, 2022

Busting Two Myths: Why Higher Yields And Rate Hikes Aren’t Always Bad Posted by lplresearch Thursday, January 13, 2022 Lately we’ve seen two things swirling that some investors think could hurt them down the road. The idea that higher yields and rate hikes are bad is all over the place, but it all might not […]


Lord Abbett: 2022 Investment Outlook

January 19, 2022

2022 Investment Outlook: Building on Strength Lord Abbett investment leaders examine important issues that could influence the global investment environment in 2022. Investment experts from across Lord Abbett’s global investment capabilities recently gathered to share their insights on potential investment and economic developments in 2022. The team included Partners Giulio Martini, Director of Strategic Asset […]


John Hancock: Weekly Market Recap Week Ended January 14th

January 18, 2022

  Price pressures December marked the third month in a row in which the annual inflation rate topped 6.0% and the seventh straight month of inflation above 5.0%. The Consumer Price Index showed that prices surged 7.0% for the latest 12-month period—the highest level since 1982. Excluding the often-volatile categories of food and energy, the […]


John Hancock: How Might Supply Chain Disruptions and Inflation Affect Market Returns

January 14, 2022

Optimism around the reopening experienced during the spring and summer months has faded. In its place are questions around what the next few quarters will bring as pandemic-driven distortions persists and inflation remains elevated.   How long will these disruptions last? At the heart of the issue is uncertainty around how long these disruptions, in […]


Nuveen: 2022 Outlook

January 13, 2022

  As we head into the new year, we think 2022 should look quite a bit like 2021 — with some key differences. The positives: Economic reopening should continue and global economic and corporate earnings growth should be above trend. The negatives: Inflationary pressures have grown, interest rates are rising and fiscal and monetary support […]


John Hancock: Weekly Market Recap Week Ended January 7th

January 12, 2022

  Mixed jobs report Although December’s U.S. job growth total of 199,000 was well below most economists’ expectations, that disappointment was mitigated somewhat by revisions that boosted growth figures for the preceding two months by a total of 141,000. In addition, the unemployment rate fell to 3.9% and wages grew at a 4.7 Yield spike […]


John Hancock: 2022 Outlook

January 6, 2022

This year, it was hard to take enough risk in investment portfolios to keep up. But in 2022, we don’t see the highest-risk parts of the market leading and, instead, would look to trim risk into strength based on our economic outlook. The U.S. Leading Economic Index suggests we’re not near a recession yet, but […]