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John Hancock: Weekly Market Recap Week Ended May 15th

May 19, 2020


Another step down

Stocks pulled back, with the major indexes declining around 1% to 3%. It was the third negative week out of the past four, and returns were choppy, with indexes tumbling around 2% on both Tuesday and Wednesday and then rallying on Thursday.


Growth crushes value

While both equity styles had negative weeks, growth stocks continued to outperform their value counterparts, extending a huge leadership advantage for growth stocks in 2020. Year to date through Friday, a growth stock benchmark, the Russell 1000 Growth Index, was essentially flat, compared with a 22% drop for the Russell 1000 Value Index.


Inflation in check

So far, the economic damage from COVID-19 appears to be having a bigger impact on inflation than the recent crisis-driven surge in government spending. Consumer prices fell 0.8% in April, the biggest such monthly decline since 2008. Lower gasoline prices fueled much of the latest drop.


Data dump

Economic reports released on Friday provided fresh evidence of COVID-19’s devastating impact on the U.S. economy. Retail sales fell a record 16.4% in April, while industrial production fell 11.2%. However, an index of consumer sentiment rose relative to its reading from four weeks earlier.


Source: https://wmr.jhinvestments.com/