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Alliance Bernstein: Between Optimism and a Hard Place in 2020

January 17, 2020

Global stock markets rallied in 2019, defying political and macroeconomic uncertainty. Will investors be as fortunate in 2020? Since many risks remain, maintaining style diversity and finding investing themes that are detached from volatility drivers will be important ingredients for equity allocations. Investors will look back on 2019 as a curious year for stocks. After […]


Alliance Bernstein: Evaluating Challenges to the Global Economic Outlook

September 25, 2019

The global economy faces its most challenging year in over a decade. Policymakers still have options, but can they use them effectively? We’ve revised our forecasts and now expect the global economy to grow by just 2.3% next year, the lowest in ten years. That’s not weak enough to be called a recession and it’s […]


Alliance Bernstein: Why Today’s Inverted Yield Curve Isn’t Necessarily a Recession Warning

August 22, 2019

  The most closely watched part of the US yield curve inverted this week for this first time since 2007, suggesting that a recession may be around the corner. We’re not convinced that’s true. Don’t get us wrong, recession risks have increased over the last few quarters and investor caution is warranted. But while we […]


Alliance Bernstein: Searching For Symptoms Of Three Mounting Risks

July 10, 2019

Global equities advanced in the second quarter, but the path was rocky. Incoming earnings reports will provide important clues about how companies are coping with mounting challenges—from trade wars to global growth—and how investors should position. US and European stocks outperformed, while stocks in Japan and China declined (Display). Financials and cyclicals led the gains. […]


Alliance Bernstein: Latest Jobs Data Show A Robust US Labor Market

February 8, 2019

  The government shutdown and temporary displacement of some workers didn’t cause the strong US labor market to miss a beat. Today’s jobs report reinforces that gains have been accelerating. That’s good news for the economy and markets. Big Job Gains in January’s Report All told, the US economy picked up 304,000 jobs in January. […]


Alliance Bernstein: From Beta to Alpha

November 7, 2018

WHY IT WILL PAY TO BE THE LAST ACTIVE INVESTOR STANDING Passive equity strategies have seen massive inflows over the last decade, in part because of active management’s struggles. But the pendulum seems to be swinging back toward active today—and leaving active out of the equation could be leaving money on the table. Click to […]


Alliance Bernstein: The Fed’s on Auto-Pilot-For Now

October 4, 2018

  When it comes to the official US short-term interest rate, the Federal Reserve now appears to be on autopilot, with three more quarter-percentage-point increases likely by mid-2019. But after that, things should get more complicated. To nobody’s surprise, the Fed delivered its latest increase this week and telegraphed its plans to do likewise when […]


Emerging Market Debt Update: Expect Volatility-And Opportunity

June 29, 2018

Source: AllianceBernstein Emerging-market (EM) bonds have struggled so far this year as global financial conditions have tightened and the US dollar has rallied.  But unlike in years past, we think many EM countries today are strong enough to weather the storm.  That means there are no opportunities for selective long-tern investors.      Click image […]


Can Emerging Markets Defy a Strong Dollar?

June 15, 2018

Source: Alliance Bernstein   Turkey’s currency crisis has spooked emerging-market (EM) investors, especially amid growing concern about the strengthening US dollar. We think countries and companies in the developing world are actually much more resilient to a stronger dollar than in the past. The recovery of EM assets from early 2017 until the beginning of […]