The E-Valuator Software

Web-Based Investment Analytical System

The E-Valuator Software was developed in 2007 by Kevin Miller, CEO of Systelligence, advisor to The E-Valuator Risk Managed Strategy (RMS) Funds. His career in the securities industry began in 1986 as a registered representative assisting individual clients and qualified plans with proper asset selection and allocation.

The E-Valuator Software provides the pragmatic, unbiased decision-making and supporting documentation to mitigate fiduciary risk.

  1. Investment Selection

The system scans the universe of mutual funds and ETFs monitored by Morningstar®. It removes the gray area of selecting investments by allowing the advisor to set objective criteria across 40+ factors. These include 12b-1 fees, management tenure, Alpha, Beta, Sharpe Ratio, Standard Deviation, Up/Down Capture and more.


  1. Scoring

The portfolio manager assigns “credits” across various time periods, placing emphasis on short- or long-term performance. The system also considers how long the advisor will tolerate lagging performance. A score for each fund is calculated to assign it to Keep, Watch or Replace Zones.


  1. Review and adjustments

Complex background analyses of performance trends are calculated daily, allowing the manager to review and make appropriate adjustments.


The E-Valuator Software is also available by subscription to financial advisors and individual investors for use with their own portfolios. The criteria, timeframes and performance expectation are completely customizable.

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