An IRA Platform for Traditional and Roth IRA’s

Our Platform was Created with These Goals in Mind

  • Industry Leading Performance by Industry Leading Money Managers
  • No Annual Fees; No Sales Charges; No Distribution Fees (with use of R4 share class)
  • Manage Assets According to Investor Risk
  • Investing Made Simple, Yet Comprehensive

Our Focus

  • Superior Fund Selection and Asset Allocation Methodology
  • Provide Competitive Cost Structure
  • Mitigate Market Volatility via Risk Managed Strategies
  • Make Investing Easy

Results are What We Deliver

  • Ongoing Asset Management Services, Including
    • Underlying Investment Selection and Monitoring
    • Replacement of Lagging Investments
    • Continual Asset Allocation Adjustments
    • Automatic Rebalancing
  • No Minimum Investment Required
  • Accept Future Contributions
  • Accept Rollovers



Asset Optimization: The asset allocation of the underlying holdings inside each RMS Fund is optimized to maximize potential return at varying degrees of volatility (risk).  The internal allocation of each Fund is structured in a manner that would be suitable for the risk tolerance described in the Fund’s name.  (Very Conservative, Conservative, Moderate, etc.)

Automatic Rebalancing: The underlying asset allocation inside each RMS Fund is re-balanced whenever the actual allocation percentage is +/- 10% of the original allocation percentage.

Efficient Investing: Each RMS Fund is an asset management service wrapped inside an open-end mutual fund designed to optimize performance at varying degrees of volatility.

No Additional Fees: The cost for maintaining your account is already included in the expense ratio of the investments.

On-line Access is available 24/7.

Powered by The E-Valuator Software

Empowering Advisors and Investors

The E-Valuator IRA Platform is powered by The E-Valuator Software, a web-based, investment analytical system that identifies top performing investments (Mutual funds and exchange traded funds – ETF’s) relative to their peers based on daily data imports provided by Morningstar, Inc.

The E-Valuator Software establishes a set of performance tolerance standards and applies these standards against the investment universe.