Risk Managed Strategy Funds


2020 E-Valuator RMS Fund Shareholder Letter

November 12, 2020

This Annual Review and Outlook pertain to the following Funds:

• The E-Valuator Very Conservative (0%-15%) RMS
• The E-Valuator Conservative (15%-30%) RMS
• The E-Valuator Conservative/Moderate (30%-50%) RMS
• The E-Valuator Moderate (50%-70%) RMS
• The E-Valuator Growth (70%-85%) RMS
• The E-Valuator Aggressive Growth (85%-99%) RMS

Each E-Valuator RMS (Risk-Managed Strategy) investment functions as an asset management service wrapped inside the structure of an open- end mutual fund. The E-Valuator analytical software is used to select the underlying investments, i.e., mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETF’s), thereby making these investments a fund-of-funds (FOF).

The E-Valuator RMS funds are diversified, asset allocation funds. Diversification is accomplished by allocating assets across multiple asset classes, i.e., domestic bonds, foreign bonds, domestic stocks, and foreign stocks. The asset allocation for each Fund is continually adjusted based on a proprietary allocation model that incorporates both technical analysis and fundamental analysis utilizing multiple economic indicators (explained later) that seeks to maximize return while staying within the stated volatility goals for each Fund.

The E-Valuator RMS funds offer 2 classes of shares, i.e., Service shares and R4 shares. The difference between these share classes is the amount of revenue paid to an investment professional directly from the Fund. The Service share class pays zero basis points, 0.00%, to an investment professional, while the R4 share class pays 25 basis points, 0.25%.

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2020 E-Valuator RMS Funds Shareholder Letter