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John Hancock: Weekly Market Recap Week Ended December 21st

December 25, 2018

  Dovish doubts As expected, the U.S. Federal Reserve Board approved its fourth interest-rate increase of the year, and a majority of its members forecast no more than two further rate hikes next year. However, the Fed’s outlook for a slower pace of rate hikes wasn’t dovish enough for many investors, as stocks fell after […]


Kevin Miller on CNBC’s “Closing Bell”

December 19, 2018

Emotion moving market more than fundamentals, says CIO Kevin Miller of E-Valuator Funds and James Bianco of Bianco Research discuss their bearish and bullish market outlooks with CNBC’s “Closing Bell” team. Watch the interview, click here   Source: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/12/18/emotion-moving-market-more-than-fundamentals-says-cio.html?&qsearchterm=evaluator%20funds


Kevin Miller on Fox Business “Countdown to the Closing Bell”

December 18, 2018

Next recession will be ‘much worse’ than the last: Euro Pacific Capital CEO Dec. 17, 2018 – 2:45 – E-Valuator Funds’ Kevin Miller and Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff on the recent market selloff, the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes, how investors should deal with market volatility. Click to read more Source: https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/5980639152001/?#sp=show-clips


John Hancock: Weekly Market Recap Week Ended December 14th

December 17, 2018

  Erratic movements The latest week’s trading was characterized by big intraday swings in stock prices—an occurrence that has become increasingly common this year. The spread between the S&P 500’s daily high and low has exceeded 1% on 100 days so far this year, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices. That’s up from just 10 […]


Cheddar TV: Kevin Miller talks top catalysts and risks for markets

December 12, 2018

Click to watch the Cheddar TV interview  


John Hancock: Weekly Market Recap Week Ended December 7th

December 11, 2018

  Market mood swings Stocks have been unable to maintain consistent direction for more than a few days at a time since the S&P 500 hit a record high on September 20. Since then, the market has recorded three steep declines followed by three partial or full recoveries. Overall, the index is down about 10% […]


Federated: The Bulls Hit The Trifecta

December 7, 2018

In a series of meetings last week with increasingly bearish Wall Street analysts, I repeatedly asked them this question: since you know that if the Fed keeps hiking rates until a recession sets in that a recession will set in, and since you know that if the U.S. and China don’t end their trade war […]


LPL: Time For Santa?

December 6, 2018

2018 has been a rocky year with a big dose of volatility, but could a late-year rally be in store for investors? History says it is quite possible. “Although the well-known Santa Claus rally is technically the last five days of the year and the first two of the new year, you can’t deny the […]